Lansing Mi. – Governor Whitmer was rebuked not only by the Mi. Supreme Court on Friday in her trying to illegally close a barbershop but she also lost on June 5, when the Court of Claims stated that a portion of Whitmer’s June 5 order establishing coronavirus safety guidelines as a prerequisite to the opening of businesses was, "null and void.”

The Michigan Supreme Court stated in a rare 7-0 decision Friday, “It is incumbent on the courts to ensure decisions are made according to the rule of law, not hysteria.”

The Supreme court also stated, “Courts decide legal questions that arise in the cases that come before us according to the rule of law. One hopes that this great principle—essential to any free society, including ours—will not itself become yet another casualty of COVID-19.”

The case that the Supreme Court ruled on Friday was Whitmer’s trying to violate the rules of law, in trying to discharge the Legislature and rule the State by decrees, executive orders.

In the case Friday, Whitmer ordered a barbershop to close and would not allow the defendant his day in court. A Judge ruled twice against the Governor. The Governor then illegally had the court of appeals order the Judge to write an order closing the barbershop. As the Supreme Court stated that was illegal since only two of the Court of Appeals Judges, out of three, sided with the Governor. The law states that all three had to agree.

The Supreme Court made it clear, 7-0, that Michigan would be ruled by laws made by the Legislature and not orders from a Governor.  

The Legislature gave Gov. Whitmer the 28 days she said that she needed to fight what was called a COVID-19 Pandemic.

When the Legislature refused to renew the time limit and told The Governor that she had to start working as the law states with the Legislature, Whitmer found an obscure 1943 law that was supposed to have been made null and that according to her was still active. This law she stated gave her the right to rule the State as she saw fit without an elected Legislature for as long, she deemed necessary.

The Courts had given Whitmer a wide latitude but after being labeled by the media as the most dictatorial Governor in the country, the courts are now starting to rule against the powers that she believes she has.

The United States joined in a lawsuit in Federal Court over Whitmer’s contradictory orders of her, not following science and being selective in who she felt could be open.

Whitmer claimed it was safer for hundreds upon hundreds of people to congregate in a small space in a Box Store shopping for products instead of being able to only have a few people congregate in a small store to buy the same products.

Whitmer had stated last week that it was not going to be safe for people to come out, eat in restaurants, or get a haircut until July 4th. Then the protests started and Whitmer was photographed without a mask standing next to people from all over the state and country.

Whitmer then stated it would be safe for restaurants to open instead of waiting till July, but one should Google how to cut hair since getting a professional haircut would have to wait till July.

Last Friday, Whitmer held a surprising early press conference, stating that she had decided that Salons and Barber Shops could now open, not in July but on June 15th.

Within a few hours of the press conference, the Supreme Court rebuked Whitmer in trying to close down a barbershop that refused to close.

Tom Manke


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