Corunna Mi. – Former Michigan Correction Officer Edward Myrl May, 53, from Ithaca, and according to his social media a former guard at St. Louis appeared, Thursday, before the 35th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart to be sentenced for his role in smuggling drugs into a prison.

May had pled guilty to have been involved for some time in bringing contraband into the prison.

Judge Stewart stated to May, “I was shocked to see the advisory guidelines in this case for smuggling 7 grams of Cocaine and 128 Suboxone into a State Prison at 0-11 months. That is unfathomable!”

May told Judge Stewart that it was, “The worst mistake I ever made in my life… It bothers me every day, I was so stupid.”

May’s attorney spoke to the court on how May had served 39 days in jail and if given probation that he had a job lined up.

When it came time for the sentence to be handed down, May heard the dreaded words from Judge Stewart, “The guidelines are a recommendation from the Legislature, the court finds in this case that the recommendations are unreasonable.”

Judge Stewart then laid out facts in the case such as when May was arrested that he had $18,000.00 in cash on him.

May claimed that he was being blackmailed, the warden wasn’t friendly to staff, that the Inspector didn’t like him and that he wasn’t the only one smuggling in contraband for other staff was also doing it.

May claimed the money he had on him was money paid to him by the drug dealer.

Judge Stewart stated, “This court has never encountered drug dealers who paid people to take their drugs away.” Judge Stewart continued, “It is a questionable business model, similarly the court has never encountered Black Mailers who paid their victims.”

After laying out May’s financial costs, Judge Stewart gave May, not the 0-17 months that were advised but instead 17 months to 240 months with credit for 39 days.

Photo: Edward May, Facebook. 


Tom Manke


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