Governor Whitmer Orders That If A Two-Year-Old Won’t Wear A Mask That They Are Guilty Of A Misdemeanor.

Lansing Mi. – Governor Whitmer, that seized absolute power in Lansing, ignoring the Democratically elected Legislature has issued the following new executive orders, August 6, 2020


No. 2020-164

Requiring masks at child-care centers and camps

Notwithstanding section 4 of Executive Order 2020-153, all child-care organizations (as defined by section 1(b) of the Child Care Organizations Act, 1973 PA 116, as amended, MCL 722.111(b)) and day, residential, travel, and troop camps for children (as defined by Rule 400.11101 of the Michigan Administrative Code) (collectively, “child-care organizations and camps”) must require the wearing of face coverings that cover the nose and mouth for:

All staff and all children ages 2 and up when on a school bus or other transportation provided by the child care organization or camp; (b) All staff and all children ages 4 and up when in indoor hallways and common 3 areas Face coverings should be encouraged for children ages 2 and up; and

(c) All staff and all children ages 12 and up when in classrooms, homes, cabins, or

similar indoor settings. Face coverings should be encouraged for children ages 2

and up.

(d) All visitors to the child-care organization or camp.

  1. Exceptions. Notwithstanding section 1, face coverings at child-care organizations

and camps are not required:

(a) For children under the age of 2;

(b) For any child who cannot medically tolerate a face covering, has trouble

breathing, or is unable to remove the face covering without assistance;

(c) While eating, sleeping, swimming, or performing high-intensity activities (not

including singing or cheering);

(d) When a child or staff member is outdoors and able to consistently maintain a

distance of six feet or more from individuals who are not members of their

household; or

(e) For child-care centers located in a region that is in Phase 5 of the Michigan Safe

Start Plan, though face coverings are highly recommended.

  1. Any child or staff member who does not wear a face covering pursuant to an

exception is section 2 is strongly encouraged to wear a face shield when indoors with

other people from outside their household and when outdoors and unable to

maintain six feet of distance from other people outside their household.

  1. For purposes of providing child-care services, child-care organizations and camps

may use facilities that are otherwise closed to the public under section 4 of Executive

Order 2020-160.

  1. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will issue additional guidance

on infection-control practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at child-care

organizations and camps.

  1. Executive Order 2020-146 is extended through August 15, 2020.
  2. Except for section 6, which is effective immediately, this order is effective at 12:01

a.m. on August 10, 2020.

  1. Consistent with MCL 10.33 and MCL 30.405(3), a willful violation of this order is a misdemeanor. 2020-164 Emerg order - masks and camps.pdf


Tom Manke


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