While Social Media and Mainstream News in the United States has been quiet about the videos and text messages on the alleged Hunter Biden’s hard drive with Social Media banning the New York Post story, The Chinese on the other hand is now publishing the emails and have uploaded the videos to the world. After visiting Chinese News and seeing what is being posted I must warn that it is only for adult eyes. And I did click off to not violate US laws of underage pornography.  

There are questions that must be answered, some of the images appear to be underage females and the FBI had this for close to a year and did not disclose this. The emails also implicate other family members in what appears to be payoffs.

It was only after the computer store owner that Hunter Biden abandoned his computers at went to the media did this finally come out.

Social Media states it will censor this until after the election. However, the Chinese and the world can now read and see what is only being censored here.

Due to censoring, we will not supply links to the treasure trove being published, but one can google it unless google is not allowing its customers in the US to view it.

Whatever you do, it is not recommended that one publishes or links any of the information found on google to your social media account since the two major social media companies are taking down anyone that is publishing it.

They can not though take down Chinese TV.

The question many ask is what this has to do with Joe Biden since Hunter is only his drug-addicted son. The emails have evidence of illegal activities that do not only involve Hunter Biden.

This past week a Business associate of the Biden’s came to Washington and collaborated much that is in the emails.

Most of you may have no knowledge of this story that broke about 2 weeks ago. It is unfortunate that while explosive information regarding this election is being censored here the rest of the world knows all about it.

With the Chinese publishing the emails, videos, and images off the hard drive it is the United States and not China that is violating American’s 1st Amendment.

After you read the emails maybe you will say it is nothing. That is okay but at least you were able to read the emails that others around the world are now reading.

Again, the sex tapes that Biden has of him and adults may not be anyone’s business, except for those that may contain underage girls.

With the Chinese publishing this it seems like it won’t be able to be kept under the rug in the US this coming week.

Again, these are allegations, but no one has come forward to state that the videos are not of who it is claimed to be.

Serious questions must be asked why the FBI held onto this for close to a year and never started an investigation into it. The computer store owner stated that he was afraid for his life since the FBI took the computers with a warrant and told him not to ever talk about this with anyone.

Had the computer store owner not have kept the backups and had not come forward, he may have died in an accident and no one never know.

Tom Manke


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