Corunna, Mi. - Michael Leigh Lott, 34, a former Michigan Department of Corrections Officer who supervised pedophiles, was sent to the MDOC by 35th Michigan Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart. Lott was captured in a sex sting organized by Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Brian BeGole, and other Shiawassee County Law Enforcement personnel.  

Lott was arrested after communicating with a police officer online who he thought was a girl 14-years-old. Lott offered to pay the girl to let him watch her masturbate.  

Michael Lott's attorney had this to say about Lott. Mr. Lott has never been in any legal trouble in his life; he does not drink or smoke, and he has been with his wife since they were 15 years old. The attorney spoke about how his client saved another guard's life, is ashamed, and has learned from his mistake. His family line has no crimes, he is respectful, has strong family support, his wife did not leave him, and he is a nice guy that has never had a brush with the law before. The attorney asked Lott to be sentenced at the bottom of the guidelines.  

Shiawassee County elected Prosecutor Scott Koerner said, "What is disturbing is that he (Lott) was employed by the Michigan Department of Correction housing predators just as he is." Koerner laid it out that Lott communicated with the decoy for an hour and a half and was given many opportunities to "turn around and to go." 

Koerner stated he found it offensive that Lott wanted to watch a 14-year-old masturbate.   

When Lott was asked what he wanted to say, Lott said, "There is no excuse for what I did. I was wrong, it is unforgivable. I am sorry to my family, my wife, and I was selfish." 

Then it was Judge Stewart's turn to speak, "Well, it is not a secret that you were employed by the Michigan Department of Correction, and you were supervising offenders that have committed the same types of crimes that you are now before the court on." "It is troubling, what is more troubling Mr. Lott is that I don't know how much insight that you have into what you have done." 

Judge Stewart told Lott that he believes that Lott has shown very little contrition and claims that he, Lott, stated that he thought he was talking with an adult and did not want anything to with children but still came even after being told that the girl was only fourteen.  

Stewart then preceded to give Lott his sentence, "So what is left for the court is a sentence that will send a message to the community that this is not something we can stand for." "The court believes your sentence be the highest amongst the guidelines range available." 

After Laying out costs and fees Judge Stewart sent Lott to the MDOC for a minimum of 25 months not to exceed 240 months. Lott will have to register as a sex offender when he gets out of prison. 

Photos: Screen capture and Booking photo.

Tom Manke


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